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In 1970, amid a climate of rapid industrialisation and increasingly expensive high-end goods, watchmaker CK Woo was struck by the thought: What if premium timepieces need not come at premium prices?

From that day forth, Aries Gold was born, with a blueprint that enabled the masses to comfortably afford their own statement timepiece – what we refer to as accessible luxury.

Under the stewardship of a global team spanning Zurich, Vienna and Singapore, Aries Gold is now an international brand with an established presence in more than 32 countries across all major continents. A brand whose story continues to unfold in each individual creation, while always staying true to the guiding philosophies of design, discipline, and practicality for people.

All of which culminates in a way of life that empowers through enablement, and a rallying call that rouses one’s richest emotions:

It’s my time.